About Helotes CrossFit

Helotes CrossFit evolved from a garage gym that was started by two San Antonio Firefighters that spanned about 3+ years. We slowly grew from a few friends to more than 25 athletes...all becoming friends and being a great community together. We began to outgrow our small garage and decided to take the plunge into our new 4000+ sqft facility bringing CrossFit to Helotes and NorthWest San Antonio.  (*we do have a shower room as well)

Helotes CrossFit is about changing lives from the inside out. We are not here to offer you machines and a monthly pass to just walk into our gym... we are dedicated to making you fit, healthy, and disease free. Many people who 'work out' have only the knowledge base that they either visually see others doing or read about in magazines with sterioid users on the front cover. CrossFit is a method that is scientifically proven with real life repeatable data that has worked on every committed athlete.

Here at Helotes CrossFit, we desire to bring out your very best! We coach you personally in a group setting and we program your workouts for you. You won't find someone using the machine you wanted to use or feel intimidated by the person working out next to you, but will be alongside other athletes just like you who struggle through the workouts just like you and who are goal minded just like you. We all motivate eachother and the atmosphere is positive, encouraging and community based.
When we say we are about 'changing lives from the inside out,' we do not seek to simply build a muscle that looks good. What good is a muscle that looks good but has no real life strength, flexability, endurance, or power? We seek to build you from the core outward. Core strength is largely overlooked, even by many of the fitness gurus today. Here at Helotes CrossFit, we teach you the fundamentals of mechanics. We will then have you display those mechanics consistently. Then we will slowly incorporate the consistency of those mechanics with intensity. By following these principles, you will safely be perfoming overhead squats, pullups, ring dips, plyometric box jumps, sprints, and many many other core-dominant exercises safetly, efficiently, and with intensity.

We also want to stress the importance of health in what we do. We offer nutrition counseling/consulting and are here to assist you in any questions you may have. In your traditional gym, you don't have motivators, programmed workouts, nutritionists at your disposal, and personal trainers unless you want to pay $75-$120/hr. At Helotes CrossFit, we provide all of this for you in your regular monthly dues. However, we do offer personal training sessions and in-home personal nutrition counseling if you so desire. We don't just desire to make you look and feel good, but to provide the exercise program and nutrition couseling that will aid in lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, preventing disease and getting you on your way to being healthy, fit, and disease free. We desire all of our athletes to live a life free of nursing homes and unencumbered by sickness.  

Fitness is the way we achieve our ultimate goal of a better life. This is why we believe in CrossFit: CrossFit develops fitness. That is indisputable. By the way, before you say to yourself “My program develops fitness too,” what is your definition of fitness? Does it include strength or endurance? Probably so. What about balance, coordination, accuracy, agility, stamina, flexibility, power, and speed? CrossFit’s definition of fitness includes all physical skills, leaving none deficient. We believe fitness encompasses all these skills and becoming proficient at them improves our lives.

Here at Helotes CrossFit, we care about each and every athlete on a personal level. We don't desire to take your payment and hope you don't show up for months like traditional globo-gyms, we want to see you here!

To find out more about Helotes CrossFit please navigate through the site and then come on by and visit us!  We are an open and friendly place where your personal goals matter to us.  We keep a family friendly atmosphere that is motivating and fun.  A coach will answer all of your questions and schedule you for your FREE consultation.  You can also email info@helotescrossfit.com to schedule the consult as well.  You will also be invited to participate in a modified/scaled workout with a coach there to assist you.  Navigation through the site will answer almost all of your questions, but feel free to email us and we will gladly get back to you with an answer to your questions.

Helotes Crossfit
12266 Bandera Road #301
San Antonio, TX 78023 (view larger map)