Frequently Asked Questions

CrossFit is a health and fitness program that achieves a very borad and general fitness that is applicable to everyday life. CrossFit has been used as a principle strength and conditioning program for firefighters, police officers, and those in the armed forces. CrossFit is also the method of choice for track athletes, MMA fighters, soccer athletes and the like. CrossFit is also for the everyday 9-5er and is scalable to your personal fitness level. From kids to grandma's, CrossFit is the choice method for achieving the ultimate level of fitness. Every athlete is different, However, the ultimate goal is the same for all of us: producing a level of fitness that will enhance quality of life.

Helotes CrossFit uses equipment and methods that regular gyms don’t provide and sometimes don’t allow. Helotes CrossFit is a CrossFit gym serving Helotes, NorthWest San Antonio and everybody/anybody that desires to commute to train with us. We are located in a 4400+ sqft facility at 12266 Bandera Rd, suite 302 in Helotes (behind Helotes Pediatrics and next to the Valvoline automotive center in Hill Country Crossing). We do two things every day at Helotes CrossFit: we train hard and motivate eachother in a competitive/family friendly way. Here at Helotes CrossFit, we provide the vehicle to make you the fittest person you want to be. We are not a program that does the work for you and where miracle results happen without you lifting a finger...but rather Helotes CrossFit gives you the fundamentals, foundations, and ongoing motivation to keep pressing on and becoming the picture of health that God intended you to be. Yes, it will take effort on your part, but here at Helotes CrossFit we will promise to give you a solid workout each and every time, change your mind on how to work out, and to get you on your path to understanding fitness. Helotes CrossFit was founded by two San Antonio Firefighters and has grown to become a wonderful community of everyday people: Doctors, firefighters, paramedics, teachers, students, homemakers, grandmas/grandpas, etc... We strive to improve one another and to build relationships that are not provided in traditional big box gyms. If all of this appeals to you, come check us out.

Most of our clients have no CrossFit experience when they start training with us. In fact, many have never used anything other than a treadmill or stationary bicycle. This is why we have created the Elements classes to get you started. In the Elements classes you’ll learn more about CrossFit and why we’ve chosen it over other fitness programs. You will learn the nine basic movements of CrossFit and be introduced to the equipment we use all while enjoying a small workout at the end of each session.  In the Elements classes, you won't feel intimidated because we strive to get to know you better and to make you comfortable with what we do. We don't fail you in the Elements classes, but we do require you to show competency in the movements we teach and to be able to recall them. We can, however, require you to go back through them if we deem you need more review. You will always have a certified coach that will be there to assist you. You can sign up for our Elements classes by sending us an email, calling us, or just dropping by and scheduling a free intro session. The only required items for entrance into Elements classes are a signed waiver, payment if you haven't already done so and workout clothing. Elements Classes start every Tuesday/Thursday of every week with a total of 4 needing to be completed.

No. Here at Helotes CrossFit, we are dedicated to providing you with everything you will need to becoming your very best! CrossFit is for elite athletes, grandmothers...and everybody inbetween. If you can walk through our door we can provide you with an elite level of training that will get you on your path to becoming the fittest you have ever been. We don't have a pass/fail system, but we do ask you to dedicate yourself to learning the movements and making sure you show up consistently. We have multiple certified CrossFit trainers that will assist you in each and every workout. They will help you choose your weights and even scale the workout to your current fitness level. Our prescribed workouts are not meant for most people to do 'as prescribed,' but rather most will need to scale the workout in order to complete it. There is never an intimidating atmosphere, but there is friendly and intense competition. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us and we will be glad to assist you in any way we can. You can also come by and see for yourself that we are normal people just like you and desire to meet you and introduce you to a program that will change your life!

Yes. We operate on a succession of core principles: mechanics, then consistency, then intensity. First we teach you the mechanics of a movement. This first occurs in our beginners classes, and then we always refresh everyone on correct movement patterns before each workout. Then we look for you to display the correct mechanics consistently. If you can’t get consistency, then we lower your load or otherwise alter the prescribed movement to something you can perform safely. Finally, after you have the mechanics, and consistency with those mechanics, we then introduce you to intensity. We are here to lead and instruct you and to make you independent and confident in how you work out. The coaches on staff are here to work with you to find the loads/weights that are right for you...but we desire for you to eventually be confident enough to scale yourself or increase the load based on your current ability level.

Unlike the big box globo-gyms down the street, Helotes CrossFit provides personal training in a group setting. You will receive personal instruction in a group class and your workout will be preprogrammed for you. We are not like other gyms where you simply pay an 'access' fee, but rather we provide you with personal training in a positive group atmosphere where we seek to assist you in accomplishing your personal goals. CrossFit is based on extremely effective training provided by a Certified CrossFit trainer. Each trainer helps and instructs you in the WOD (workout of the day) and assists in choosing the right weights and scaled exercises that will meet your personal level of fitness. The trainer will lead a warmup, refresh and instruct everybody on the proper movements and standards, coach each athlete during the WOD, encourage and motivate the athlete and keep safety as the most important aspect of your training. You are not paying for a simple gym membership that limits you on what machine will be open when you want it, or leaves you second guessing about how to work are paying for a personal trainer, nutritional guidance, and motivation that actually keeps you coming back and achieving your desired results!

Training at Helotes Crossfit is a blend of personal training and group exercise classes. At Helotes Crossfit a certified Crossfit trainer conducts each class. The trainer helps you determine the right scale for the workout of the day (WOD) based on ability level, injuries, and any other relevant factors. Each class performs the WOD together while the trainer gives individual attention to each athlete. The trainer will lead the warmup, refresh everyone on proper movements and standards, coach each athlete for proper range of motion and safety, and encourage each athlete during the WOD. Workouts are generally timed or measured in some way (time/rounds/reps). Again, it is a competitive atmosphere, but not like you would think. We do race against the clock or another fellow CrossFitter, but we cheer you on and congratulate you when your time is better than ours. We do not in any way tolerate mocking, foul language, or harrassment in any rest assured that you will be working out in a very motivating and family-oriented atmosphere.

Each athlete will choose, upon enrollment, which package is right for them. We desire to see you as many times as your schedule will allow, but we understand you have busy lives. You can attend any group class that fits your schedule. When we say 'membership', we mean joining our family. We do lock in your rate by enrolling each member into our Automated Billing program depending on the package you choose. Again, email us if you have any questions.

If you would like to train at Helotes CrossFit but just don't desire to be in the group atmosphere or just aren't ready, then we do offer personal training on a one-on-one basis and in couples. Personal training is scheduled by appointment only and classes are offered outside of the scheduled CrossFit group classes. Please call/email in advance to book your personal training slot and for rates.

Here at Helotes CrossFit we offer personal training for a wide range of club and team sports. Our Certified Coaches have a wide range of sport specific kowledge and have participated in years of team sports. We have packages available...please call or email us for more information.  

We do not offer childcare, sorry. If you child is of age to play or pacify themselves we will allow them to sit quietly in the chairs provided in the sitting area or play in our kids room. We simply cannot allow children in the workout area at any time. We understand that children are never a bother, but they can disrupt the class. So we ask that if your child is of age to sit in the sitting area or in our kids room and they require your attention that you discontinue your workout and attend to your child...they come first!

Email us at We also encourage you to drop by and watch one of our workouts so we can meet you. You are also welcome to a complimentary WOD that will be offered at a sepecific time (email us or check our online schedule for more details).
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