Gym Rules

1. Arrive early and stay late. Cheer, clap, and encourage others. Anything less is to cheat yourself of the experience, and to rob others of the gift of your presence and support as part of the community. Being late will equal burpees (5 per minute). We value each athlete, your time and outside of unexpected traffic delays and emergencies, arrive on time!

2. Check your ego at the door! Yes, take pride in form and in yourself, but you are not high and mighty. There is always somebody bigger, stronger, faster, and more handsome. We are a community that encourages and helps one lone rangers! If this becomes an issue, you will be asked to leave and come back when you are a team player. No exceptions!

3. Grunting, screaming, growling, and other deeply mustered voices are all allowed during your workout to help you get through the pain and agony, but foul language will not be tolerated. We are a family atmosphere, lets keep it that way.

4. Coaches are coaches for a reason. No coaching other fellow athletes. At times there may be something that needs attention and a coach isn't around. Please grab a coach if you see any unsafe practices or if you feel something or someone needs attention.

5. Empty barbells were not designed to be dropped (neither were kettlebells or dumbbells). We don't want our toys, rubber floor mats, you or anyone else broken unnecessarily. Dropped empty barbells require a 100 burpee penalty!

6. Chalk is useful and even necessary, but it is also messy. Please use as much as you feel you need, but keep the excess inside the bucket.

7. Clean up and put away all equipment after each workout. Clean up your own sweat, spit, blood, chalk, dirt, vomit, handprints or whatever else you left behind. This is your playground also, lets all do our part in keeping it nice.

8. Kids are not allowed in the workout area at any time! Children just shouldn't be in the vicinity of dropped barbells or swinging kettlebells. Older kids are allowed to sit quietly in the sitting area or, if of age, participate in the 'teens classes.' We are not babysitters and we understand the necessity of childcare, but at this time we do not provide it.

9. Honesty and integrity are mandatory! If you don't possess these, don't waste our time or the time of our athletes. Nobody cares about your time or if you finished after them, however they do care if you cheat reps or are dishonest about your time. What honor is there in a victory you did not earn?

10. Lastly, never say 'I can't.' There is no accomplishment in self pity. You and your coaches will know when you just aren't physically able to do something, but saying 'I can't' with a self-defeatest attitude is not allowed.
Helotes Crossfit
12266 Bandera Road #301
San Antonio, TX 78023 (view larger map)