Welcome to Helotes CrossFit!

Helotes CrossFit is the original and premier CrossFit training facility in Helotes and Northwest San Antonio.

Unlike other gyms and workout programs, we don't just post a workout and provide a space and equipment for clients to figure out on their own.

We put a huge value on proper form and mechanics, and our coaches are 100% engaged in each class period. They are always on hand to help tailor the workout to every individual.

All the movements can be modified to accommodate any level of fitness and are designed to help each client progress over time.

  • Our program has been active for 10 years and has stood the test of time. From soccer moms, grandmothers, doctors, to couch potatoes, the successes we have seen have been unmatched in Helotes and NW San Antonio. Many of our classes have multiple coaches on duty to provide high quality instruction along with the very best hour of your day! We challenge each client, regardless of skill level, to perform at their very best. Our 5-star Google rating and 5-star Yelp ratings are proof that our program works and our community is thriving.  

  • Clients of Helotes CrossFit have access to the daily classes, which run at hour-long intervals throughout the day. The first class begins at 5 a.m and the last class begins at 7:30 p.m. Each class is closely monitored by at least one certified CrossFit coach who ensures everyone moves safely and efficiently. They work with each individual to determine goals and build a tailored program to provide maximum results.  

  • After a FREE consultation with a certified Helotes CrossFit coach, clients will be guided through the process of choosing the right program and membership option for their individual needs.  

  • Specialized programs such as Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit endurance, core gymnastics, and Yoga are available to supplement traditional CrossFit classes. These will further ensure that each experience is unique and customized for each client.  

  • In addition, Helotes CrossFit clients have unlimited access to an incredible, supportive community who are as invested in each individual's successes as they are their own.

Helotes Crossfit
12266 Bandera Road #301
San Antonio, TX 78023 (view larger map)