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Helotes CrossFit offers CrossFit workouts 6 days per week with 11-12 classes per day. The traditional definition of CrossFit is ''constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.'' Helotes CrossFit functions a bit different than most gyms in that we are one of the only coaching/training facilities to offer a tiered workout program. Since most CrossFit facilities have athletes at different levels, ages and motivations, Helotes CrossFit offers Advanced, Standard and Performance level workouts that were created to help more appropriately place each athlete in their current fitness level. Whether you desire to compete in the sport of fitness, target fat loss, build muscle and strength, or just come to get a good workout in and destress, we are here to meet your fitness goals!


Quick-Fit is a more condensed CrossFit Class that is geared for those who need to get a workout in during their lunch break and are on a schedule. This is a 30-minute ''ish'' class that will include a warm-up and workout with enough time for a quick shower (we do have a shower) and to grab a bite to eat before heading back to work. There will also be an option for extra post-workout conditioning/ab-blasting for those who have a little more flexibility in their schedules. This class will ensure you optimize your time so you can stay fit while on a tight schedule.


Helotes CrossFit also offers Two Olympic Lifting classes throughout the week (See our class schedule). We believe that Olympic weightlifting is essential to building lasting core strength along with power, speed, balance and coordination. Our programming includes many different philosophies and is build on 4-week cycles. We also vary Olympic Weightlifting in some skills offered in our regular CrossFit Classes.


Helotes CrossFit also incorporates Ignite Fitness Programming into our daily programming (see class schedule). With a focus on pacing, breathing control, and simply being able to build a more efficient and lasting ''Gas Tank,'' Ignite classes are a great compliment to our regular CrossFit classes.


We value all students and have been successful at improving them as athletes in their respective sports. We currently train many young athletes, and have so for many years; you can trust your child with our Helotes CrossFit Coaches. We take from 10 years old on up in our regular classes and we modify each of our daily workouts to meet their age and current athletic level.


Helotes CrossFit offers Private Coaching either one-on-one, or in groups up to three athletes at a time. For those that cannot make our group class times or simply would like training one-on-one with a certified CrossFit coach, then Private Coaching is for you! Please email us for pricing.


We offer one-on-one Nutrition counseling, meal planning and personal coaching programs to dial your nutrition and fitness in on a more intimate and regular basis. Email info@helotescrossfit.com for current rates and program availability.
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